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VETIQ Serene Calming Ointment 50g

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Mark and Chappell VETIQ Serene Calming Ointment 50g: A Scientific Solution for Tranquil Pets


Combat stress and anxiety in your pet effortlessly with the Mason Cash VETIQ Serene Calming Ointment 50g.

Key Features:

  • Proven by Science: Scientific research supports this ointment, guaranteeing a reliable and effective solution for your pet's tranquility.
  • Ease of Use: Simple application makes stress reduction an easy and straightforward process for both you and your pet.

Rapid Results:

  • Quick Onset: Results can be observed in as little as 20 minutes, showcasing the rapid efficacy of this unique formula.
  • Extended Relief: The effects are designed to last for several hours, providing sustained relief during stressful events like fireworks or travel.

Versatility in Use:

  • Sudden Event Relief: Tailored to offer relief during sudden events such as thunderstorms, ensuring your pet's well-being during unpredictable situations.
  • Travel Companion: Ideal for travel, the ointment becomes a reliable companion to ease anxiety during journeys.


In conclusion,  Mark and Chappell VETIQ Serene Calming Ointment 50g stands as a scientifically-backed and efficient solution for alleviating stress in pets.

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