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Raco Mole Scissor Trap

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Bring on the Raco Mole Scissor Trap to deal with those menacing moles that wreak havoc in fields and lawns. A neatly mowed and edged lawn will soon look unsightly if even one of these little troublemakers starts tunnelling, leaving mounds of soil everywhere.

Setting the Trap:
Squeeze the two handles together so that the jaws are in an open position.

Place the trigger plate in between the two clasps very carefully and gently release the handles letting the plate take the pressure of the spring load. Be careful that your fingers are not in the jaws of the trap when setting.

How to Use:

Look for signs of mole activity such as freshly dug mole hills. Place the trap inside the tunnel near to the mole hill. The trap should be set firmly into the soil with the trigger plate just above the bottom of the tunnel.

Sprinkle some soil around the trap and in the tunnel and place the turf back over the trap to block out any light entering the tunnel.

The mole will think that the tunnel has collapsed and will try to clear it and set off the trigger plate. The mole will be despatched quickly and humanely.

The location of the traps should be marked clearly and checked daily.

Please ensure that the mole trap is out of reach of children and pets.

Always wear disposable gloves when handling mole traps and wash hands thoroughly as an extra precaution.


Rub soil over trap before use to remove scent.
Never wash a trap that has caught a mole.
Rub the scent off caught moles into the tunnels of other moles and place trap.

Material: Metal

Size: 19.5cm

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