Lean and Tasty Dog Food (18 x 390g)

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Discover Butcher's exceptional Lean & Tasty dog food, carefully crafted to prioritise your pet's health and vitality. Unique blend, 20% less fat without compromising nutrition, setting apart from standard recipes for exceptional quality and health benefits. Expertly crafted by dedicated nutritionists, recipes brim with natural goodness, prioritising your pet's optimal well-being and care.

Moreover, each can is carefully calibrated with precise active ingredient levels, facilitating the maintenance of an ideal weight for your beloved pet. These meals are not just complete and balanced but also brimming with essential fibres and slow-release energy sources. They cater specifically to your pup's daily energy requirements, promoting sustained vitality and overall well-being.

Diversity is key, and our range of 18 cans offers a delightful assortment of flavours. From the savoury notes of chicken to the hearty goodness of beef and the delectable taste of turkey, your pet will relish these varied options, making mealtime an eagerly anticipated affair. Finally, with Butcher's Lean & Tasty dog food, providing your dog with wholesome, flavourful nutrition has never been more convenient.

  • Offers a notable reduction in fat content while maintaining high nutritional quality.
  • Formulated by dedicated nutritionists, ensuring enriched recipes for optimal pet health.
  • Carefully calibrated with active ingredients to maintain an ideal pet weight.
  • Packed with essential fibers and slow release energy sources for daily vitality.
  • 18 cans with chicken, beef, and turkey flavours, providing diverse, eagerly anticipated meal options.

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