3lb Hare/Goose Centre Dog Dummy - Cheshire Game Bisley

3lb Hare/Goose Centre Dog Dummy

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Bisley 3lb Hare/Goose Centre Dog Dummy

3lb centre. Will also link with Standard Dummy at each end to teach central retrieve.

  •  Training Technique: Central Retrieval with 3lb Center 
  • Incorporate the central retrieval training technique into your dog training regimen, also utilizing a 3lb center. This method involves linking with a Standard Dummy at each end, therefore creating an effective way to teach your dog a central retrieve. 
  • Key Steps
  • 1.  Select the Appropriate Weight:  Choose a 3lb center to facilitate effective training without overwhelming your dog.
  • 2.  Link with Standard Dummy:  Attach a Standard Dummy to each end of the 3lb center to create a connected retrieval object.
  • 3.  Training Focus on Central Retrieve:  Center the training on teaching your dog to retrieve the object from the central location.
  • 4. Repetition for Reinforcement: Repetition is crucial for reinforcing the central retrieval behavior. also practice consistently for optimal results.
  •  Benefits: 
  • Enhanced Focus:  The central retrieval technique enhances your dog's focus on retrieving from a central location.
  •  Improved Precision:*  Using a connected 3lb center promotes more precise retrieval behavior.
  •  Gradual Skill Development:** The incremental weight of the center allows for gradual skill development 

Bisley 3lb Hare/Goose Centre Dog Dummy - By incorporating this training technique, you provide your dog with a structured method to learn and master the central retrieve, contributing to a well-rounded and disciplined training experience.

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