Gripstik Cartridge Collector - Cheshire Game Bisley
Gripstik Cartridge Collector - Cheshire Game Bisley

Gripstik Cartridge Collector

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Simplify cartridge collection with the Bisley Gripstik Cartridge Collector, a revolutionary tool designed to enhance your shooting experience.  Streamlining the retrieval process and ensuring you can focus more on your shooting and less on picking up spent rounds.

The telescopic pole of the Gripstik provides an extended reach, enabling you to effortlessly gather cartridges from various distances without straining or bending. Moreover, this enhanced reach ensures a seamless and ergonomic cartridge collection process. Bid farewell to cumbersome handling and welcome a more efficient and enjoyable shooting experience with the Gripstik.

Not only does the Gripstik's telescopic pole offer extended reach, but it also enhances your overall shooting convenience. By effortlessly retrieving cartridges from a distance also the Gripstik minimizes interruptions and optimizes the flow of your shooting activity.

Consequently, you can maintain a continuous focus on your target without the disruptions of manual cartridge gathering. Embrace the Gripstik's advanced telescopic functionality, and you'll immediately notice a positive shift towards a smoother and more efficient shooting experience. Transition into a new era of shooting comfort and efficiency with the telescopic innovation of the Gripstik.

  • Gripstik securely holds up to 50 cartridges also streamlining retrieval for a focused shooting experience.
  • Telescopic pole allows easy gathering from various distances without straining, enhancing convenience.
  • Included hook for belt and bag loop attachment ensures seamless storage and transport, reducing handling hassles.
  • Minimizes physical strain, offering a hassle-free and comfortable approach to cartridge gathering.
  • Gripstik is a revolutionary tool designed for a more enjoyable and efficient shooting experience.

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