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Ergo Guillotine Nail Clipper

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Introducing the Ancol Ergo Guillotine Nail Clipper, an indispensable tool for hassle-free claw trimming. Transitioning through key points:

  • Streamline the process of claw trimming with the Ancol Ergo Guillotine Nail Clipper, ensuring efficiency and ease.
  • The clipper features a non-slip handle, providing a secure grip for precise and controlled trimming sessions.
  • Aligning with environmental responsibility, Ancol is committed to reducing packaging waste, opting for widely recycled cardboard packaging.
  • Ensure your dog is calm and still before trimming. If needed, have another person assist in holding your dog.
  • Hold the dog's toe firmly to keep it still, facilitating a steady and controlled approach to nail clipping.
  • Place the guillotine clipper over the very end of the claw and close it gently to remove the excess length.
  • Cut only the very end of the claw to avoid cutting the quick, a vein causing pain if severed.
  • For dogs with dark claws, check for the quick by looking from underneath the claw.

Embrace efficient and careful nail clipping with the Ancol Ergo Guillotine Nail Clipper, where simplicity and pet well-being converge.

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