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Low Dust Bedmax shavings plays a crucial role in your horse's well-being. It's essential to understand its impact on respiratory and hoof health. BEDMAX stands out as a top choice with one of the lowest levels of dust and spores in the market, significantly reducing the risk of respiratory issues for your horse.

Transitioning to hoof health, BEDMAX provides firm and resilient support through its larger flakes. The controlled moisture content in these shavings prevents hooves from drying out and cracking, ensuring your horse's overall hoof health.

Moreover, the larger shavings assist in efficient drainage of urine, preventing surface wetness and reducing the risk of ammonia-related problems to your horse's lungs and hooves. This comprehensive approach addresses both respiratory and hoof health concerns.

Hygiene maintenance is a constant challenge, but Low Dust Bedmax Shavings addresses this by using fresh pine, known for its unique antibacterial properties against harmful bacteria and fungi. Additionally, the drying process involves sterilizing temperatures during production, further ensuring a clean and safe bedding environment for your horse.

Key Points:

  •  BEDMAX: Crucial for horse well-being, minimizes dust, and spores.
  •  Respiratory Health: Lowest dust levels reduce the risk of issues.
  •  Hoof Support: Larger flakes prevent drying, cracking for overall health.
  •  Urine Drainage: Larger shavings minimize wetness, reducing ammonia-related risks.
  •  Comprehensive Approach: Addresses respiratory and hoof health for horses.
  •  Supportive Bed: Encourages rest, cushions joints, protects from potential damage.
  •  Hygiene: Fresh pine with antibacterial properties and sterilizing temperatures ensure cleanliness.
  •  Respiratory Issues: BEDMAX minimizes risks, promoting a healthier stable environment.
  •  Hoof Moisture: Controlled content prevents drying, cracking, ensuring overall hoof health.
  •  Bedding Excellence: BEDMAX's comprehensive features prioritize horse health and well-being.

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