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3kg Plastic Feeder

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BEC 3kg Plastic Feeder: Effortless Feeding Excellence for Poultry Management


The BEC 3kg Plastic Feeder is a user-friendly and efficient feeding solution designed for optimal poultry management.

Substantial and Push-Fit Design:

  •  This feeder features a substantial, push-fit design, ensuring stability and ease of use in various poultry setups.
  • Its user-friendly nature makes it accessible for both seasoned farmers and newcomers in poultry management.

Versatility with Any Feed Type:

  •  Designed to accommodate any type of feed also providing flexibility to meet the specific dietary requirements of diverse poultry breeds.
  • Versatility ensures suitability for various feeding scenarios, adapting to changing nutritional needs.

Easy to Clean for Hygiene Maintenance:

  • The straightforward design facilitates easy cleaning also promoting hygiene and preventing feed contamination.
  • Ideal for maintaining a clean and disease-free feeding environment, contributing to overall poultry health.

Cone-Shaped Top to Discourage Perching:

  • The cone-shaped top serves a dual purpose also discouraging perching and preventing subsequent contamination of the feed tray.
  • Enhances feed hygiene by minimizing contact with external elements, ensuring the purity of the feed.

In conclusion, the BEC 3kg Plastic Feeder epitomizes simplicity, versatility, and hygiene, offering an ideal solution for efficient poultry feeding management. Its design features contribute to ease of use, adaptability, and overall excellence in maintaining a healthy and productive poultry flock.

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