350 Drinker Float - Cheshire Game 350 Auto Drinker

350 Drinker Float

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Elevate the efficiency of your 350 Auto Drinker Float with the Replacement Polystyrene Float, designed for optimal water regulation.

Key Features:

  •  *Polystyrene Construction:* Crafted from durable polystyrene, the replacement float ensures longevity and buoyancy for efficient water regulation.
  •  *Seamless Compatibility:* Engineered for a perfect fit, the Replacement Polystyrene Float seamlessly integrates with the 350  Float, ensuring hassle-free installation.
  •  *Enhanced Buoyancy:* Experience improved buoyancy, allowing the float to maintain consistent water levels and prevent unnecessary overflow.
  •  *Low Maintenance:* Simplify upkeep tasks with the user-friendly Replacement Polystyrene Float, facilitating easy removal and replacement during maintenance.

Installation Guide:

Follow these steps for effortless installation:

1. *Compatibility Check:* Ensure the replacement float is compatible with the 350 Drinker before initiating the installation process.

2. *Secure Placement:* Carefully position the float in the designated area, ensuring it is securely placed for optimal water regulation.

3. *Functional Test:* Turn on the water supply and observe the system to ensure the Replacement Polystyrene Float functions effectively in the 350 Auto Drinker.

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